JKCET Mathematics Sample Model Questions Download PDF

Jammu & Kashmir CET Mathematics Sample Question Papers are given below which will contain the questions from different sections of Maths. JKCET Mathematics Model Papers will contain all the questions that can be asked in exam this year. Some of the sample queries we have given below which can be repeated this year in your exams.

Some Sample Questions are given below which will give you the idea of how the multiple choice questions (MCQs) are asked in exam. The questions can be of different marking schemes but the type will be mainly multiple choice questions. There will be 4 choices given to every question.

The system of homogenous equations

tx + (t+1)y + (t-1)z = 0

(t+1)x + ty + (t+2)y = 0

(t-1)x + (t+2)y + tz = 0

Has non- trivial solutions for

  1. Exactly 3 real values of t
  2. Exactly 2 real values of t
  3. Exactly 1 real value of t
  4. Infinite no. of values of t

Sample Question 2:

Find the length of diagonal of parallelopiped formed by planes drawn through the points (2,3,5) and (5,9,7) parallel to the coordinate planes?

  1. Underroot 38 units
  2. 7 units
  3. Underroot 155 units
  4. 13 units

Likewise sample papers will contain the questions from Mathematics which should be practiced before the exam. JKCET Sample Papers for Maths will help you to stay focused to score high in the exam along with the determination to beat enough of competition. Practice questions everyday once you are prepared with the topics. These questions will make you prepared for the exam.

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JKCET Maths Sample Papers DOWNLOAD

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