Jharkhand Class 12 Zoology Question Papers Download With Solutions In Hindi

Jharkhand 12th Board Zoology Question Papers are provided below which will help you to study and practice for the exam. JAC Class 12 Zoology Sample Question Papers have to be practiced well and these will help you to clear your basics and understanding of the topics. Question Papers of JAC 12 Zoology Model Papers contain the questions of all kinds i.e. Multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, statements & conclusions, full form etc.

Jharkhand 12th Zoology Mock Test questions are given below, practice them and make sure you have all the sections clear in your mind.

Q1: Mention the 3 observations on which Darwin based his theory of Natural selection?

Q2: Describe natural selection in Darwin finches

Q3: NPP stands for-

  1. Net primary productivity
  2. Net Proposal Poject
  3. Network Proposal Productivity
  4. Net Project Productivity

Q4: Irreparable computers and other electronic goods are known as ______.

Q5: Everything that goes out in trash is referring as ________.

Q6: Match the columns-

Set A Set B
Testes Oogenesis
Ovary Spermatogenesis
Corpus luteum Spermatid
Seminiferous tubules Progesteron

Q7: Write the names of enzymes or steps involved in following DNA replication process-

  1. Opening of DNA helix for replication is referred as _____
  2. 5’ -> 3’ direction replication enzyme
  3. DNA fragment joining enzyme
  4. DNA replication origin point in E. coli is known as _____

Q8: Answer the following-

  • Arrange these human ancestors in correct evolutionary sequence
  • Give the cranial capacity of Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus

All the answers for above questions can be checked from below given PDFs. For all the updates you can stay linked with all social media. You can also write us in comment section and we will answer your queries.

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3 Paper 4
Paper 5 Paper 6 Paper 7

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