Jharkhand Board 12th Chemistry Model Question Papers Download

Jharkhand Intermediate Chemistry Sample Question Papers

JAC 12th Chemistry Sample Question Papers are given below which can be used for your exam preparation. Jharkhand Board Class 12 Chemistry model questions are given below which include- Multiple choice questions, 4 or 6 mark questions. Some model papers of Jharkhand Class 12 Chemistry are given in PDF format below which you can use daily for your practice.

Practice questions given below and you can refer to your textbooks in case you are unable to answer any of the question.

Q1: Which of the following cell directly converts the chemical energy of H2 and O2 into electrical energy-

  • Mercury Cell
  • Daniel Cell
  • Lead Storage Battery
  • Fuel Cell

Q2: For the reaction A + H2O -> B the rate law if rate a [A] find its-

  • Molecularity
  • Order of reaction

Q3: How the following conversion are done-

  • Phenol to picric acid
  • Phenol to Benzene
  • Propene to Propan – 2 – DI
  • Benzyl chloride to Benzyl alcohol
  • Chlorobenzene to Phenol

Q4: Name of the reaction that is used to convert an amide to a primary amine containing one carbon atom less than parent amide.

  • Diazotisation
  • Hoffman Bromanide Reaction
  • Sundemeyer’s Reaction
  • Friedel- Crafts Reaction

Q5: Show electrophilic substitution reaction in nitration of benzene.

All the questions can be checked from files given below and can be used daily for your exam preparation. The answers of the questions will be given along for your better understanding. For any further questions, you can write to us in comment section below and we will get back to you. For all updates, you can be linked up to our social media so that you don’t miss any update.

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