ICSE Board 12th Class Geography Question Papers Download PDF

ICSE Board papers are to be prepared for the better score in the exam. ISC 12th Class Geography Sample Papers Download link is provided below so that every student can attain nice score in exam. It is better to prepare for the exam to get aware of the questions that will come in the exam paper. Below are the various questions, of which kind are actually seen in the exam paper. Practicing the papers will improve your abilities and skills in the exam paper.


  1. Name the sea, the sediments of which were uplifted to form the greatest mountain range of the world.
  2. Name the two land masses involved in the mountain building movement.

Question2. State two ways in which the plains are useful to the people of India.

Question3. Mention two characteristics of rural settlements with reference to size and demographic attributes of their population.

Question4. Give reasons to explain why we find isolated settlement patterns in theNorth-Eastern states of India.


(a) What is a foot loose industry? Give an example of one such industry.

(b) Illustrate with the help of two examples, how proximity to geographical factors has helped the location of industries.

(c) Name an important centre of production for the following engineering industries:

  • Diesel locomotives
  • Ship building
  • Aircraft industry
  • Automobiles

(d) Explain the factors responsible for the location of the fertilizer industry.


(a) In which part of India is coffee cultivated and why?

(b) What are some of the problems associated with the use of thermal power?

(c) What is the difference between fish conservation and fish preservation?

Mention two problems of the fishing industry in Bangladesh.

(d) Name the minerals associated with the following locations:

  • Ankleshwar
  • Nagpur
  • Singhbhum
  • Bhilwara

Download full set of sample papers of ISC 12th Geography and prepare in better way for the exam.

ICSE 12th Board Geography Sample Question papers DOWNLOAD

Geography Sample Paper 1

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