GGSIPU CET Physics Previous Year Question Papers Download PDF

GGSIPU CET Physics Previous year Papers will help you to get ready for the exam so that you have knowledge of how the questions need to be solved in exam. GGSIPU CET Physics Old Papers also prepare for the time which will be required to solve the questions. Physics Papers for IPU CET exam contains the questions from the class 11th & 12th standard and so they need to revise just before the exam.

Some questions from Physics Previous papers are given below, answers of which can be checked from the PDF files given below.

  • In order of increasing frequency, the electromagnetic spectrum may be arranged as-
  1. Gamma rays, X rays, visible light, radio waves
  2. X rays ,Gamma rays, visible light, radio waves
  3. radio waves, visible light, X rays, Gamma rays
  4. radio waves, visible light, Gamma rays, X rays
  • The energy gap between valence bond and conduction band for the material is-
  1. Insulator
  2. Metal
  3. Intrinsic Semiconductor
  4. Superconductor
  • Photon of 5.5.eV energy fall on the surface of the metal emitting photoelectron of maximum kinetic energy 4.0 eV. The stopping voltage required for these electron is-
  1. 5 V
  2. 5 V
  3. 5 V
  4. 0 V
  • The angular magnification of simple microscope can be increased by increasing-
  1. Focal Length of lens
  2. Size of object
  3. Aperture of Lens
  4. Power of lens
  • A balloon is filled with hydrogen. For sound waves, this balloon behaves like-
  1. A converging lens
  2. A diverging lens
  3. Concave mirror
  4. None of above

For full previous papers of each year, please download the PDF file from below and prepare well for the exam. For any further questions, kindly email Us or write us in Comments.

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