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GGSIPU CET Chemistry Previous Year Question Papers are required for the preparation of exam. SO, they are provided on this page so that you have the material to prepare the syllabus of the exam. The questions are given below of Chemistry from Standard 11th & 12th which will be from very basics. Study the syllabus and then practice all the IPU CET Previous Questions Chemistry subject.

  • 2-chloro-3-methylbutance is treated with sodium in enerial solution, then it will give-
  1. 2,4- dimethylhexane
  2. 3,5- dimethylhexane
  3. 2,3,4,5- tetramethylhexane
  4. 6- dimethyloctance
  • Which of the following reaction can be used to change benzaldehyde to cinnamic acid?
  1. Perkin reaction
  2. Knoevenagle reaction
  3. Reformatsky Reaction
  4. Benzoin condensation
  • Chemical equations convey quantitative information of the-
  1. Type of atom/ molecules taking part in reaction
  2. of atoms./ molecules of reactants and product involved in reaction
  3. Quantity of reactant consumed and quantity of product formed.
  4. None of above
  • Which of the following is not true in Rutherford’s nuclear model of atom?
  1. Protons and neutrons are present inside nucleus
  2. Volume of nucleus is very small as compared to volume of atom
  3. The no. of protons and neutrons are always equal.
  4. The no. of electrons and protons are always equal.
  • Soldiers of Napolean army which at Alps during freezing winter suffered a serious problem as regards to tin bottom of their uniforms. White metallic tin buttons got covered by grey powder. This transformation is related to-
  1. An interaction with nitrogen of air at low temperature
  2. A change in partial pressure of oxygen in air
  3. A change in crystalline structure of tin
  4. An interaction with water vapor contained in humid air
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