29 States Of India With Their Capitals & Languages Details

General Knowledge is a part of daily chores which is obtained from different sources such as Books, Newspapers and the Internet, etc. GK is a necessity in today’s world. Something beyond current skills has to be present in the candidates of which GK is the crucial part. GK is asked in every competitive paper. The ability of the candidate in General knowledge is a need of the hour.

Below is a list of Indian states and their capitals and languages. These are the part of General Knowledge. Indian states and capitals along with languages will let you gain knowledge. GK always pays you; it can never be a time wastage. General Knowledge has to be gathered wherever possible.

States of India and their Capitals and Languages

29 States of India and Their Capitals and Languages

S.No. Name of the State Capital Language
1. Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad\ Amaravati Telugu and Urdu
2. Arunachal Pradesh Itanagar Miji, Apotanji, Merdukpen, Tagin,Adi, Honpa, Bangini-Nishi.
3. Assam Dispur Assamese
4. Bihar Patna Hindi
5. Chhattisgarh Naya Raipur Hindi
6. Goa Panaji Marathi and Konkani
7. Gujarat Gandhinagar Gujarati
8. Haryana Chandigarh Hindi
9. Himachal Pradesh Shimla Hindi and Pahari
10. Mizoram Aizwal Mizo and English
11. Jharkhand Ranchi Hindi
12. Karnataka Bangalore Kannada, Tulu (Mangaluru and Udupi region), and Kodagu language in Coorg district
13. Kerala Tiruvananathapuram Malayalam
14. Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Hindi
15. Maharashtra Mumbai Marathi
16. Manipur Imphal Manipuri
17. Meghalaya Shillong Khasi, Jaintia and Garo
18. Nagaland Kohima Ao, Konyak, Angami, Sema and Lotha
19. Odisha Bhubaneswar Oriya
20. Punjab Chandigarh Punjabi
21. Rajasthan Jaipur Rajasthani and Hindi
22. Sikkim Gangtok Bhutia, Hindi, Nepali, Lepcha, Limbu
23. Tamil Nadu Chennai Tamil
24. Tripura Agartala Bengali, Tripuri, Manipuri, Kakborak
25. Telangana Hyderabad Telugu
26. Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Hindi
27. Uttarakhand Dehradun Hindi
28. West Bengal Kolkata Bengali

As per this list, the languages followed in each state are being known to you. There is a total of 28 states in India.

states and their languages of india

NOTE: Jammu and Kashmir is is Union Territory.

Union Territories of India with their Languages

Union Territories Languages
Andaman and Nicobar Islands Bangini, Hindi
Chandigarh Hindi, Punjabi, English
New Delhi Hindi, Punjabi, English
Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu Gujarati, Rajasthani and Portuguese
Lakshadweep  Malayalam and variant of Divehi language
Pondicherry Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu
Jammu and Kashmir Hindi,Kashmiri,Dogri, Urdu,

Pahari,Punjabi and Dadri

Ladakh Ladakhi , Hindi


States in India with Area All GK Material

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    2. Yes but after 31 october 2019 there will be 28 states

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        Thanks Abhi. I’m a Nigerian though, can you perhaps explain UT.

        1. Hi,
          The Union Territories in India have their own elected governments and are directly ruled by the Union government.

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  5. Capital of Kerala is Thiruvananthapuram not Trivandrum

  6. Delihi is a state with CM aravind kejrival

    1. Sorry Delhi instead of Delihi

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  8. kerala’s capital is tiruvananthapuram and not trivandrum

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  16. why is Mizoram not in the list?

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      Mizoram is on number 10 & capital is Aizwal, people speak language Mizo and English.

  17. Jammu and Kashmir is now divided into 2 parts and it is a UT

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    Dadara and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Div is New name as two U.T. Merged on 26.01.2020 . Daman is new Capital of this new U.T. Dadara and Nagar Havili and Daman and Div.

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    The native language of Goa is Konkani.

  22. Arunachal Pradesh which language many speak , in the list sees many languages

  23. there is only 28 where is 29th state

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  25. Regarding 12.Karnataka, There are other languages spoken like Tulu (Mangaluru and Udupi region) and Kodagu language in Coorg district

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