ICSE 12th Board Mathematics Sample Papers Download With Solutions PDF

ICSE Class 12 Mathematics Sample Papers Download with solutions are made available for all the candidates who give the exams of ICSE board. The questions are asked from different sections of Mathematics syllabus and the students so need to prepare the whole syllabus. ICSE 12th Board Maths sample papers will help you to know what is the method of asking the questions in the exam. Practice the questions as are given below and check the answers from the attached PDF given below.

Q1: Determine the value of k so that the line y=2x+k may touch the ellipse 3x2 + 5y2= 15

Q2: Solve the differential equation: (1+y2) (1 + log x)dx + xdy= 0

Q3: Solve: sin-1 (8/x) + sin-1 (15/x) = (pi/2)

Q4: (a)Find the focus and equation of directrix of the parabola y2= 8(x + y)

  1. b) Using Lagrange’s mean value theorem to determine a point P on the curve

y= x2-6x+1

defined in the interval [1,3]where the tangent is parallel to the chord joining the end points on the curve.

Q5: Given two regression lines 4x + 3y + 7 = 0 and 3x + 4y + 8 = 0, determine-

  1. The regression line of y on x
  2. Mean of x and y.
  3. The coefficient of correlation

Q6: Show that the function f(x) = x2– 6x + 1 satisfies the Lagrange’s Mean Value Theorem. Also find the co-ordinate of a point at which the tangent to the curve represented by the above function is parallel to the chord joining A (1, – 4) and B (3, – 8).

(b) Find the equation of ellipse whose latus rectum is 5 and whose eccentricity is 2/3

Q7: A candidate is selected for interview of management trainees for 3 companies. For the first  company there are 12 candidates. For the second there are 15 candidates and for the third there  are 10 candidates. Find the probability that he is selected at least one of the companies.

(b) In a group of 18 students, eight are females. What is the probability of choosing five students (i) With all girls? (ii) with three girls and two boys? (iii) with at least one boy?

 Download ICSE 12th Maths Sample Papers Free

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