Biology Class 12 ISC Board Sample Papers Download Exam Study Material

ICSE Class 12 Biology Sample Papers will help the candidates to know what type of questions come in exam paper. When a student prepares for the exam, the mindset is about how the question will be framed from this question. So, the sample papers of Biology ICSE board will make a perception in mind. Practicing the exam papers will help you improve upon your skills to score much better in exam. All questions are asked from the syllabus as is prepared by ICSE board officials. Just be focused on preparing for the exam and the scores will be valuable for you.

The Biology paper is a 3 hours exam with the constituents as Botany & Zoology. There are different sections in the paper. Some questions are compulsory in exam and others are optional. Below are some sample questions which have been part of Biology exam in the last years.

Q1: Expand the following:

  1. PEM
  2. BCG
  • AIDS
  1. TSH

Q2: Give a scientific term for each-

  1. Development of fruit without fertilization
  2. The process of mRNA synthesis on a DNA template
  • A plant part excised from its original location and used for initiating a culture
  1. The surgical removal of a section of vas deferens

Q3: (a) Briefly describe the mechanism of development of a dicot embryo-

(b) Give two significant differences between each of the following-

  1. Racemose and Cymose inflorescence
  2. Self-pollination and Cross pollination

(c)Write a brief note on MTP.

Q4: (a) Define hybridization. Explain the technique of hybridization in plants.

(b) What are the implications of the loss of biodiversity?

(c) Give one significant difference between-

  1. Hydrophytes and Xerophytes
  2. Inbreeding and Outbreeding

Q5: (a) Write the causative agent and the most important symptom of each-

  1. Dengue
  2. Tubercolosis
  • Ascariasis
  1. Chicken pox

(b) Explain the role of bacteria in improving soil fertility.

(c) What is Biomedical Engineering? Give two examples.

Download ICSE Biology Class 12 Sample/ Model Question Papers

 Paper 1  Paper 2  Paper 3  Paper 4

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