ICSE 10th Board Maths Sample Question Papers With Solutions Download

ICSE class 10 Maths paper will contain all the questions from the syllabus of the Maths subject. The students need to prepare all the topics of exam whatever the weightage may be. This is because every section is scoring and so no chance to lose marks needs to be there. Download ICSE 10th Board Sample Papers mathematics and get more questions to practice for exam. ICSE board 10 class Maths papers will contain the questions of which type come in exam. There are some sample questions mentioned below which can be also be checked while preparing for exam.

Q1: (a) Bosco wishes to start a 200m2 rectangular vegetable garden. Since he has only 50 m barbed wire, he fences three sides of the rectangular garden letting his house compound wall act as the fourth side of the fence. Find the dimensions of the garden.

(b) Construct a triangle ABC, with AB = 6 cm, BC = 7 cm and ABC = 60 Locate by construction the point P such that

  1. P is equidistant from B and C.
  2. P is equidistant from AB and BC
  3. Measure and record the length of PA

(c) Mr. A. Ramchander has an account with Central Bank of India. The following entries are from his pass book-

Date Particulars Withdrawal Deposits Balance
5/1/09 B/ F 8000
20/1/09 To self 2599
4/2/09 By cash 9000
20/2/09 3000
4/3/09 To Self 1000
15/4/09 By Cash 12000

Complete the above page of his passbook and calculate the interest accumulated in four months, January to April at the rate of 3.5% per annum. If the interest is added on 30th April, find his balance on that date.

Q2: (a) A fair dice is rolled. Find the probability of getting-

  • 3 on the face of the dice
  • Odd number on the face of the dice
  • Number greater than 1 on the face of the dice

(b) (4,2), B(6,8) and C (8,4) are the vertices of a triangle ABC. Write down the equation of the median of the triangle through A.

(c) The angle of elevation of an aeroplane from a point P on the ground is 60o. After 12 seconds from the same point P, the angle of elevation of the same plane changes to 30o. If the plane is flying horizontally at a speed of 600*1.73 km / h, find the height at which the plane is flying.

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