10th ICSE Board Biology Sample Question Guess Papers Download PDF

ICSE biology class 10 sample papers with solutions are made available for all students who really wish to score high in exam. These papers can help you a lot in preparing for the exam because they will tell you about your weak areas and so you can improve on them. ICSE biology class 10 specimen paper will contain the questions which have been the part of Biology papers in ICSE Board. Sample question paper for class 10 ICSE biology exam should be downloaded and practiced and also the questions given just below need to be checked.

Q1: (a) 1. From where to where do the following blood vessels carry blood?

  • Hepatic vein
  • Hepatic portal vein
  1. State any four major activities of the Red Cross Society.
  2. Define ‘birth rate.’

(b) Differentiate between any five of the following-

  1. Blood plasma and serum
  2. Antiseptic and disinfectant
  • Catabolism and anabolism
  1. Pleural fluid and pericardial fluid
  2. Aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration
  3. Structure of the sperm and the structure of the ovum

Q2: (a)

  • Draw a neat and well-labelled diagram of the Chloroplast
  • List the events taking place in the photo-chemical phase of Photosynthesis.
  • If you are planning an experiment to show the effect of light on photosynthesis:
  1. Will you select white light or green light? Justify your answer.
  2. Why would you select a destarched plant?

(b) 1. Explain the term Reflex action.

  1. Expand the following biological abbreviations:-
  • DNA
  1. State whether the following actions are ‘voluntary action, simple reflex or conditioned reflex’:-
  • Blinking
  • Cleaning the table
  • Playing on the keyboard
  • Salivating when food is put in the mouth.

Q3: (a) Give biological reasons for the following-

  • It is necessary to maintain a normal osmotic concentration of the blood.
  • People on reaching high altitude may suffer from unsteady vision, loss of hearing, lack of muscular co-ordination and even complete blackout.
  • Salt and sugar are used in preserving food.
  • A tiger owes its existence to chlorophyll
  • Some plants show wilting of their leaves during mid- day even when the soil is well watered.
  • On sprinkling common salt on grass growing in a lawn, the grass is killed.


  • Draw a neat diagram of the stomatal apparatus found in the epidermis of leaves and label the Stoma, Guard cells, Chloroplast, Epidermal cells, Cell wall and Nucleus.
  • Complete the following process to show how the oxygen in the air reaches a mesophyll cell of the leaf.

ICSE Sample Papers for Class 10 Biology Sample Paper 1

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