How to Study For IBPS Specialist Officer SO Law Officer Exam Study Material

IBPS Specialist Officer Law Officer exam has to be prepared with all best efforts before attempting in the exam paper. IBPS Specialist Officer SO Law Officer Study material will include the best books to be followed for the exam preparations. The candidates should choose the best study material for the exam so as to gain the best of knowledge for all kind of laws around. Just refer the IBPS SO Law Officer exam syllabus and accordingly make a schedule to prepare for exam. It is really a important task to study and have full knowledge on each type of law in every known field as the questions will be asked directly from them.

Question1. The workmen’s compensation Act 1923 come into force on?

(a) Dt. 1 July 1924

(b) Dt. 1 July 1925

(c) Dt. 1 July 1926

(d) Dt. 1 July 1930

Question2. The workman willful disobedience to an order expressly given cause of that made accident that cause to death of workman. What is the provision for compensation?

(a) Not liability for compensation of employer

(b) Liability for compensation of employer

(c) Liability of state

(d) Liability of workman union

Question3. Section 2(b) defines, “When the person to whom the proposal is made, signifies his assent thereto, the proposal is said to be accepted. A proposal when accepted becomes a/an

(a) Contract

(b) Agreement

(c) Promise

(d) Offer

Question4. When the mode of acceptance is prescribed in the proposal then

(a) It need not be accepted in that manner

(b) It should be accepted in that manner

(c) No matter how the acceptance is given

(d) Acceptance can be given in usual or reasonable manner

Question5. The difference between an advertisement for sale and a proposal is

(a) No difference at all

(b) That a proposal becomes a promise as soon as the party to whom it is made accepts it but an advertisement does not

(c) Every case will be viewed according to the circumstances

(d) None of these

IBPS Professional Knowledge for Law Officer Study Material-

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