IBPS Sample Question Papers For SO Law Officer With Answers Download PDF

IBPS Specialist officer exam is being conducted for different fields and Law officer is one of them. There has to be preparation for the exam depending on the level of competition. IBPS SO law Officer Sample Question papers Download PDF with solutions and make your schedule to study for the exam. There are ample amount of questions which should be prepared by candidates for the exam. Sample/Model Papers of IBPS SO Law Officer exam will help you to improve the various weak sections within you.

There are different sections in the paper and the questions from all of them have to be practiced. Below are IBPS SO Law Officer Sample Questions as per which the exam paper will be made.

Question1.The satisfaction of the President means the satisfaction of the Council of Ministers and not his personal satisfaction, held in

(A) Samsher Singh Vs State of Punjab

(B) U.N. Rao Vs Indira Gandhi

(C) Ram Jawaya Kapoor Vs State of Punjab

(D) Sardar Lal Vs Union Government

Question2. Which one of the following jurists emphasized that “We cannot understand what a thing is unless we study what it does” ?

(A) Salmond

(B) Roscoe Pound

(C) Kelsen

(D) Austin

Question3. 3. “International law governs relations between independent states. The rule of law binding upon states, therefore, emanates from their own free will as expressed in conventions or usages (to which they are a party). Restrictions upon the independe4ce of states cannot therefore, be presumed” This view is expressed in which one of the following cases?

(A) Chorzow Factory case

(B) Youman‟s case

(C) S. S. Lotus case

(D) I‟m Alone case

Question4. . Meeta correctly remembers that her father’s birthday is after 8th July but before 12th July. Her brother correctly remembers that their father’s birthday is after 10th July but before 15th July. On which day of July was definitely their father’s birthday?

(A) 10th

(B) 11th

(C) 10th or 11th

(D) Cannot be determined

(E) None of these

Question5. In a certain code BREAKDOWN is written as BFSCJMVNC. How is ORGANISED written in that code?





(E) None of these

Question6. 16. Which of the following is equal to 30 x 246?

(A) 118 x 13+209 x 42

(B) 174 x 10+222 x 19

(C) 173 x 12+221 x 24

(D) 169 x 16+167 x 50

(E) None of these

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