IBPS Sample Papers For Specialist Officer HR Officer With Solutions Download

IBPS Specialist Officer exam for HR Officer department is a competitive paper in which many candidates appear. Being an important paper, it is good to practice the questions from syllabus of each kind. IBPS SO HR Officer Sample Papers are the best source to study as these questions will tell you about your weak areas. While practicing the papers you can make a note of the things you need to give attention on. So, IBPS Sample Papers for HR Officer can help you improve your efficiency & skills. Below are some questions for the HR department which can be the part of IBPS exam.

Question1. Which one statement is true about internal equity in compensation system?

Select correct option:

  1. This means that as job rates are set, they are determined on such dimensions As skills, job responsibilities, effort and accountability.
  2. Internal equity not shows the fairness of pay structure
  3. Internal equity means comparing employees with each other by their personal characteristics
  4. None of given options

Question2. The process through which someone becomes aware of personal skills, interests, knowledge, motivations; acquires information about opportunities; identifies career goals; and establishes action plans to attain those goals is called___.

  1. Organizational development
  2. Career management
  3. Career development
  4. Career planning

Question3. Who is an adult as per Factories Act, 1948?

  1. Who has completed 18 years of age
  2. Who is less than 18 years
  3. Who is more than 14 years
  4. Who is more than 15 years

Question4. Which of the following details do you think should be checked on security breaches?

  1. Authorized access to system resources
  2. Un-authorized access to system
  3. Un-authorized attempts to change security definitions
  4. All of the above
  5. None of these

Question5. Which of the following statements is ‘’FALSE’’ regarding selection of hardware /software?

  1. Budget allocated for application is limited to hardware and software cost.
  2. The application should be easy to use by programming rather than by the end user
  3. The requirement for the application should be decided
  4. All of these are false
  5. None of these

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