How Many Districts in Bihar? 2022 by Area, Population

How Many Districts in Bihar? There are 38 districts in Bihar. Each district is unique and has its attractions and points of interest. This post will look closely at each district and its population with the area. We will also provide other interesting information on Bihar.

Bihar is located in the eastern part of India and shares its borders with Nepal, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and West Bengal. The state has a total area of 94,163 square kilometers, and it is the twelfth-largest state in India by area. Bihar is divided into 38 districts which are further divided into 101 sub-districts. The districts are further divided into blocks. A block consists of a group of villages. There are a total of 38 district headquarters in Bihar. The largest city in Bihar is Patna, which is also the capital of the state.

The population of Bihar is 125 million in 2020, and it is the third-most populous state in India. The state has been home to some of the most powerful empires of ancient and medieval India. Bihar is also known as the “cradle of Buddhism” since it was here that Gautama Buddha attained nirvana under the Bodhi tree.

List of Districts in Bihar

Number Name of District
1 Araria
2 Arwal
3 Aurangabad
4 Banka
5 Begusarai
6 Bhagalpur
7 Bhojpur
8 Buxar
9 Darbhanga
10 East Champaran
11 Gaya
12 Gopalganj
13 Jamui
14 Jehanabad
15 Khagaria
16 Kishanganj
17 Kaimur
18 Katihar
19 Lakhisarai
20 Madhubani
21 Munger
22 Madhepura
23 Muzaffarpur
24 Nalanda
25 Nawada
26 Patna
27 Purnia
28 Rohtas
29 Saharsa
30 Samastipur
31 Sheohar
32 Sheikhpura
33 Saran
34 Sitamarhi
35 Supaul
36 Siwan
37 Vaishali
38 West Champaran


Districts in Bihar by Headquarters

Name of District Name of District Headquarters
Araria Araria
Arwal Arwal
Aurangabad Aurangabad
Banka Banka
Begusarai Begusarai
Bhagalpur Bhagalpur
Bhojpur Arrah
Buxar Buxar
Darbhanga Darbhanga
East Champaran Motihari
Gaya Gaya
Gopalganj Gopalganj
Jamui Jamui
Jehanabad Jehanabad
Khagaria Khagaria
Kishanganj Kishanganj
Kaimur Bhabua
Katihar Katihar
Lakhisarai Lakhisarai
Madhubani Madhubani
Munger Munger
Madhepura Madhepura
Muzaffarpur Muzaffarpur
Nalanda Bihar Sharif
Nawada Nawada
Patna Patna
Purnia Purnia
Rohtas Sasaram
Saharsa Saharsa
Samastipur Samastipur
Sheohar Sheohar
Sheikhpura Sheikhpura
Saran Chhapra
Sitamarhi Dumra, Sitamarhi
Supaul Supaul
Siwan Siwan
Vaishali Hajipur
West Champaran Bettiah


Districts in Bihar by Population

Name of District Population
Araria 2,811,569
Arwal 699,000
Aurangabad 2,540,073
Banka 2,034,763
Begusarai 2,970,541
Bhagalpur 3,037,766
Bhojpur 2,728,407
Buxar 1,706,352
Darbhanga 3,937,385
East Champaran 5,099,371
Gaya 4,391,418
Gopalganj 2,562,012
Jamui 1,760,405
Jehanabad 1,125,313
Khagaria 1,666,886
Kishanganj 1,690,400
Kaimur 1,626,384
Katihar 3,071,029
Lakhisarai 1,000,912
Madhubani 4,487,379
Munger 1,367,765
Madhepura 2,001,762
Muzaffarpur 4,801,062
Nalanda 2,877,653
Nawada 2,219,146
Patna 5,838,465
Purnia 3,264,619
Rohtas 2,959,918
Saharsa 1,900,661
Samastipur 4,261,566
Sheohar 656,916
Sheikhpura 634,927
Saran 3,951,862
Sitamarhi 3,423,574
Supaul 2,229,076
Siwan 3,330,464
Vaishali 3,495,021
West Champaran 3,935,042


Highest population district in Bihar

The highest population district in Bihar is Patna.

District Population
Patna 5,838,465


Smallest population district in Bihar

The smallest population district in Bihar is Sheikhpura.

District Population
Sheikhpura 634,927


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Districts in Bihar by Area

Name of District Area (km²)
Araria 2,829
Arwal 637
Aurangabad 3,303
Banka 3,018
Begusarai 1,917
Bhagalpur 2,569
Bhojpur 2,473
Buxar 1,624
Darbhanga 2,278
East Champaran 3,969
Gaya 4,978
Gopalganj 2,033
Jamui 3,099
Jehanabad 1,569
Khagaria 1,486
Kishanganj 1,884
Kaimur 3,363
Katihar 3,056
Lakhisarai 1,229
Madhubani 3,501
Munger 1,419
Madhepura 1,787
Muzaffarpur 3,173
Nalanda 2,354
Nawada 2,492
Patna 3,202
Purnia 3,228
Rohtas 3,850
Saharsa 1,702
Samastipur 2,905
Sheohar 443
Sheikhpura 689
Saran 2,641
Sitamarhi 2,199
Supaul 2,410
Siwan 2,219
Vaishali 2,036
West Champaran 5,229


Biggest district in Bihar by Area

The biggest district in Bihar is West Champaran, with 5,229 km².

The smallest district in Bihar by Area

The smallest district in Bihar is Sheohar, with 443 km².

Bihar District Map

Bihar Districts Map

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