H.C.F & L.C.M Questions Download With Solutions & Simple Tricks

H.C.F & L.C.M of Numbers

The H.C.F of two or more than two numbers is the greatest number that divides each of them exactly. Express the each one of the given numbers as the product of prime factors. The product of least powers of common prime factors gives H.C.F. For example if someone has to find the H.C.F of two numbers, then divide the larger by the smaller one. Now, divide the divisor by the remainder. Do the same process of dividing the preceding number by the remainder that is obtained last until we get zero as remainder. The divisor which is obtained last is the expected H.C.F.

How to find HCF of 2 numbers-

To find the H.C.F of more than two numbers, then first we have to find H.C.F of any two numbers. After, we have to find H.C.F of the remaining one number with the last obtained H.C.F.  This gives the H.C.F of three numbers

L.C.M is the least number which is exactly divisible by each one of the given numbers. First solve each one of the given numbers into a product of prime factors. Now, L.C.M is the product of highest powers of all the factors. Organize the given set of numbers into a row. Divide by a number which divides at least two of the given numbers. Repeat the process till no two numbers are divisible by that numbers. The product of divisors and undivided numbers is required L.C.M.

HCF & LCM Aptitude Questions

HCF & LCM related questions are often asked in exam which may not be of higher marks but these are really scoring. It is the very important part of aptitude section. So, you can practice the questions we have provided in PDF format and get yourself prepared for aptitude section of exam.

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