GUJCET Physics & Chemistry Previous Papers With Solution PDF

GUJCET Exam contains the questions from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology field which is being linked to class 11th & 12th. What has been studied in school classes, is the base of syllabus for the exam. GUJCET Physics & Chemistry Previous year Question papers are provided here which have to be practiced for the exam. The old papers give the better idea of how the questions are asked in exam. GUJCET exam is the high level competitive paper after which the candidates get the admission into several colleges/ universities with their desired courses.

It is only 1 hurdle to get into the best of college and so all candidates make sure that they study well for the exam.

Q1: In Young’s experiment, the distance between two slits is halved and the distance between the screen and slit is made three times. What is fringe’s width-

  1. 6 times
  2. 4 times
  3. half
  4. no change

Q2: To increase the charge on the plates of a capacitor means-

  1. Potential Difference between the plates to be decreased
  2. Capacitance of the capacitor to be decreased
  3. Capacitance of the capacitor to be increased
  4. Potential difference between the plates to be increased

Q3: Maximum to the minimum intensity of two waves coming from two coherent sources having different intensities is 25. The intensities of the sources are in the ratio-

  1. 25 :1
  2. 25 :16
  3. 9 :4
  4. 5 :1

Q4: 24. NPN transistors are preferred to PNP transistors because they have

  1. capable of handling large power
  2. electrons have high mobility than holes and hence mobility of energy
  3. low dissipation of energy
  4. low cost

The full set of previous papers of GUJCET are provided below in PDF format which can be prepared for the exam.

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3 Paper 4 Paper 5 Paper 6



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