GUJCET Biology Papers In English & Gujarati With Solution

Gujarat Common Entrance Test (GUJCET) Exam preparation has to be done in a way that the questions which are asked in exam have been practiced in one form or another. GUJCET Previous papers are detailed below with answers which will help you study well and score good in exam. There are certain sample questions which have been provided answers of which can be checked from below.

Q1: Which of the following is correct for the reaction occurring during Photo-respiration?

  1. Glycolate is oxidized to form glyoxylate in mitochondria
  2. 2 glycine molecules unite to form serine in mitochondria
  3. 3 molecules of glycine unite to form serine in peroxisome
  4. serine is converted to hydroxypyruvate in mitochondria

Q2: During urine formation, which of the following processes create high osmotic pressure in the uriniferous tubule.

  1. Active Na+ absorption, followed by absorption of Cl-
  2. Active Cl- absorption, followed by absorption of Na+.
  3. Active secretion of Na+ into efferent arteriole followed by absorption of Cl into efferent renal arteriole.
  4. Active secretion of C17 and absorption of Na+ into efferent renal arteriole

Q3: Which of the following has a role of Sertoli cells in Spermatogenesis?

  1. They provide nutrition to the developing sperms
  2. They stimulate germinal epithelium
  3. They direct morphogenesis of sperm
  4. They provide nutrition to developing sperm; they directmorphogenesis of sperm

Q4: 24. Which of the following takes part in formation of Placenta?

  1. Only trophoblast
  2. Only allantois
  3. Trophoblast and mesoderm
  4. Trophoblast, mesoderm and allantois.

The full set of questions for the Biology field can be downloaded and practiced well for the exam. GUJCET Biology questions can be practiced and then accordingly the sections on which you are weak can be improved for better studied and performance.

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