Gujarat Board 10th Class Science & Technology Question Papers of Gujarati Medium

Gujarat Board 10th Class Science & Technology Paper of Gujarati Medium has a specified pattern which is discussed below. The students of 10th class need to give this examination to be declared complete pass in the Secondary education. There are 2 parts of question paper- Part 1 is MCQs and Part 2 is the subjective paper in which all the questions from the science course are asked.

Part A-

Total Questions 50
Total Time Given 60 Min

The questions are multiple choice questions (MCQs) which are 50 in number of 1 mark each. The questions are all from the course of Science and Technology which are being studied by the students in the schools.

Part B-

Total Marks 50
Total Time Allotted 2 Hours

The details of all the sections of this part are given below-

Section A- 2 Marks each, Total Questions- 5

Section B-2 Marks each, Total Questions- 6

Section C- 3 Marks each, Total Questions- 5

Section D- 5 Marks each, Total Questions- 3

GSHSEB- Gujarat Secondary and High Secondary Education Board conducts the examinations for Secondary and higher secondary classes (10th and 12th). The board releases a magazine monthly named as “Madhyamik Shikshan & Parishan” which is circulated among students for free.  The education source is being nourished well so that each student can be considered as literate at some level. The students are taught so that they can build up their careers for different fields.

The class 10th question paper for different subjects in Gujarati Medium is being set. The Science & Technology paper for the last years will give you the reference of how the preparations should be done for the course of Science.

Gujarat Board 10th Science & Tech 2007 PDF

Gujarat Board 10th Science & Tech 2008 PDF 

Gujarat Board 10th Science & Tech 2009 PDF 

Gujarat Board 10th Science & Tech 2013 New PDF 

Gujarat Board 10th Science & Tech 2013 Old PDF

Gujarat Board 10th Class Science & technology Gujarati Medium Papers PDF Download

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      Please download the question papers from above website and practice them for your exam.

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