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    1. Tamanna Desai says:

      its very good for us

  1. Tulsi Desai says:

    it’s very good for my way

  2. Tulsi Desai says:

    very good………………………

  3. Verry good
    It’s existing

  4. Sweta patel says:

    This is very best for get highest marks

    1. Satish patel says:

      How it help for good mark

  5. Speedy (Niraj Ramanandi) says:

    It’s Nice for study
    To make easy

  6. Plz get a social question paper 2010 for me

  7. Vivek Jain says:

    It’s a good for our but plz upload more board exam paper in English , hindi, Gujarati medium of Gujarat board plz

  8. where are 2013 year papers

  9. KRUTARTH Kapadia says:

    Good paper collection nice but 2010, 2013, 2012, 2014 can not

  10. Jay patel says:

    Social science PDF answer

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