Goa Board 10th/ SSC Science Sample Question Papers Download PDF

Goa Board conducts the exam every year for class 10 & 12. The students of Goa SSC Board have already started their preparations and make them more prepared we have provided here the study material for Science subject. You can take the reference from below of the questions which are asked in exam. The full set of papers can be checked from links given below.

Q1: Study the given reaction and answer the questions given below-

Fe2O3 + C -> Fe + CO

  1. Name of reactants
  2. Balance the above equation
  3. Which substance is oxidized in above equation?

Q2: Digestion takes place with help of enzymes-

  1. Gastric glands secrete mucus. Give reason.
  2. Why pancreas secrete pancreatic juice?
  3. Why are villi present, in the lining of small intestine?

Q3: In animals, control & coordination is due to central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.

  1. Distinguish between central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. Give one point.
  2. Reflex arcs are evolved in animals. Why?

Q4: Observe the correlation in first pair and carefully complete another pair-

  1. Tallness and round seed trait in peas: Dominant trait :: Short & wrinkled seed trait in peas : __________
  2. Selected for very short distance between the leaves : Cabbage :: Selected for very large leaves : __________

Goa 10th Board Science sample papers can be checked from below, they will contain the good amount of questions. Also, you can check the answers of above questions from given answer sheets. Also, to get the update on all the information you can stay connected with us on social media.

Goa Board SSC Science Previous Papers DOWNLOAD

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3
Paper 4 Paper 5 Paper 6

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