GBSHSE 12th Web Technology Sample Question Papers Study Material PDF

GBSHSE 12th Web Technology Sample Question paper are given below which will be helpful for you to prepare for the exam. Gujarat HSSC Web Technology Model papers will contain the questions which can be asked in exam and some are those which have been asked already. So, you can have the idea of how the paper is set by the officials. There can be different kind of questions in exam- MCQs, True/ False, 1 word answer etc.

Q1: Match the following given below-

1.       Record in database a)       Uniquely identifies rows in a table
2.       Username b)      rows
3.       Close connection in Mysql c)       Create Table
4.       Creates table in Mysql d)      $conn->close()
5.       Primary Key e)      Password

Q2:  Give the answer as True/ False for below statements-

  1. A file is a sequence of bytes stored on a computer.
  2. A NULL value is treated as a blank or 0.
  3. Primary Key does allow the Null Values whereas in Unique key doesn’t accept the Null values.
  4. The INSERT INTO statement is used to add new records to a MySQL table.

Q3: ___________ function can assign the output to a string variable.

  1. echo()
  2. print()
  3. printf()
  4. s print f()

Q4: mysql_connect( ) does not take __________ parameter.

  1. database host
  2. user ID
  3. password
  4. database name

Get full detailed paper from below table and start solving them once you have completed your course for the subject. While solving the paper, evaluate yourself and for wrong answers you can start your learning for that topic again to become more confident over it. Still for any kind of queries, do let us know in comment section below and we will help you with best of answers.

Paper 1 Paper 2 HTML CSS Book

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