GATE Engineering Sciences XE Question Papers With Solutions PDF Download

GATE Engineering Sciences (XE) previous year papers are being provided in this article so that the candidates can know the best possible way they can prepare for the GATE paper. The Engineering Sciences exam paper is being conducted every year and there is a detailed syllabus and pattern for the GATE XE paper.

In the GATE Engineering Sciences paper, the section A is of Engineering Mathematics which is a compulsory subject for the examination. It includes the course which have been studied by you in your graduation course.

Section B is of Fluid mechanics which covers the subjects from the respective subject. The candidates who all from this field need to study the topics under Fluid Mechanics as they will be seen in the exam paper.

Section C is Materials Science paper in which the candidates have to study about the metals, alloys, structures, ceramics, polymers and other related topics.

Solid Mechanics is Section D which has to be prepared by the candidates so that the questions can be solved which all from this part of the syllabus.

Thermodynamics is the next part of the GATE paper for Engineering Sciences and so the basic topics have to be covered up for the GATE exam.

Learn more about the Food Technology so that the questions which all are seen in the GATE paper can be solved at the exam time.

GATE XE Question paper Download link is made available now and candidates can download them for the required years.

GATE XE Previous Papers Download

GATE XE 2020 Paper Download PDF

GATE XE 2019 Paper Download PDF

GATE XE 2018 Paper Download PDF

GATE XE 2017 Paper Download PDF

GATE XE 2016 Paper Download PDF

GATE XE 2015 Paper Download PDF

GATE XE 2014 Paper Download PDF

GATE XE 2013 Paper Download PDF

GATE XE 2012 Paper Download PDF

GATE XE 2011 Paper Download PDF

GATE XE 2010 Paper Download PDF

GATE XE 2009 Paper Download PDF

GATE XE 2008 Paper Download PDF

GATE XE 2007 Paper Download PDF

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  1. Gate Student says:

    Thank you for sharing XE old GATE papers

  2. Mangesh kande says:

    thanks for question papers.

  3. Please send the previous gate question in food tech

    1. Hi,
      Download the papers from above given links and practice them for exam preparation.

  4. where is solutions to the XE papers?

    1. Hi,
      Papers will be sent soon to your ID, till then you can practice the previous year papers.

      1. Can I get the solutions of xe paper?

        1. Yes you can get you need all years XE question paper solution or you need recent years.

  5. can anyone share the thermodynamics solutions of the gate xe papers

  6. dear sir , plz send mi xe 2010,2009 answer key on my email id.

    1. Hi Priyanka,
      The papers can be attained using following steps-
      1) Click on PDF link
      2) Click on Download button
      3) The paper will be saved on your computer

  7. manoj kumar says:

    is there any way that i can get solved question paper for preparing engineering science gate exam?
    if yes, please let me know as soon as possible.

  8. Can you please mail me the answers of these XE question papers of previous years.

  9. can u plz send me the solutions of the papers

  10. please refer some good books for preparing gate xe exam

  11. Hi sir…..How can I get the solutions of the papers.

  12. Bijeeta Singha says:

    Please send me answer keys for Gate XE 2007 to 2010

  13. thanks for the question papers.
    I also wanted to know that where can I get their solutions?

    thank you again

  14. thanks for the question papers.
    I also wanted to know that where can I get their solutions?
    thanks again

  15. muhammed thanzeel says:

    what was the cutoff for XE in 2016 and 2017.?

  16. Thanks for XE previous question paper,
    and also want to XE previous answer key some previous question papers(2007 to 2014).

  17. Frm where i can get the answr keya of these question papers….plz try to tell me..

  18. Rasmi Ranjan tripathy says:

    Sir pls can u send me the solutions of material science questions of previous years

  19. Hello Sir,could you please share the solutions of GATE XE (solid mechanics ,fluid mechanics) paper of each year?

  20. Aftab Ahmed says:

    I want solution please

  21. Sir , please send solutions of XE 2008-20

  22. hello sir, could you please send the solutions of GATE XE(solid mechanics, fluid mechanics) papers from 2010-2020?
    Thank you.

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