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Gate Preparation in 1 month

GATE Preparation in One Month

GATE Exam preparations are being started from the notification date of GATE online application form. The GATEtips to prepare Gate exam in one Month Exam is an aim for many candidates while pursuing their B.E./ degree and they start the preparation in between their regular course classes. The students often try hard to manage their time for the GATE preparations and to attend the college lectures. The students who all aspire to clear GATE Exam often need to know about the system they will have to follow to clear the concepts for the competitive exam. The students who all start the preparations at the last month of GATE Exam date need to be only and only focused on GATE.


  1. First of all, take a look at the GATE Exam syllabus & pattern thoroughly.
  2. Mark the sections in which you have tight hands and that have a high weight in the exam.
  3. Work hard on these parts and try to solve two questions of each type to clear the concepts of the paper.
  4. Practice more and more mock papers of GATE so that the student may know how much capacity they are becoming.
  5. Do give the GATE mock tests which are available online so that you can know a lot more about your time to solve one question.


The GATE preparation in last one month will take much more sincere of the students. They need to be self- motivated and should be able to manage multiple things related to academics in one go. The GATE preparations need to be completed in the last month, and the students should make a note to complete it within their fixed date.


Once, you think you are prepared for the GATE Exam to leave all your books and be relaxed. Just give time to your mind to settle back to an average pace and have some fresh air. Keep calm then and don’t take any stress or think so much. GATE exam needs the presence of mind while solving the questions.

While doing GATE Preparations, you have known how to manage time so don’t worry, and so while giving the GATE Exam, you need not to worry much.

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