GATE PH Physics 2021 Syllabus PDF Download Full Details Section Wise

GATE Physics (PH) Syllabus includes the different sections which are listed below-

GATE Physics Syllabus 2021

Mathematical Physics- Linear vector space, matrices, vector calculus, elementary ideas, laplace transforms

Classical Mechanics: Conservation laws, central forces, kepler problems, collissions, mechanics of system of particles, Lorentz transformations, non- inertial frames and pseudo forces

Electromagnetic Theory: Solution of electrostatic and magnetostatic problems, Biot- Savart;s and Ampere’s laws, Faraday’s laws, maxwell’s equations, scalar & vector properties, energy and momentum

Quantum mechanics- Physical basis of Quantum Mechanics, linear vectors and operators in Hilbert space, time independent perturbation theory, elementary scattering theory

Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics- Laws of thermodynamics, macrostates and microstates, classical and quantum statistics, 1st & 2nd order phase transitions, critical point

Atomic and Molecular Physics- Spectra of 1 day and many electron atoms, Zeeman and Stark effects, Franck- Condon principles, NMR and ESR, lasers


Solid State Physics- Elements of crystallography, diffraction methods for structure determination, elastic properties of solids, band theory of solids, transport properties, superconductivity

Nuclear and Particle Physics- Nuclear Radii and charge distributions, nuclear binding, semiconductors, nuclear models, liquid drop models, alpha decay, Beta- decay, electromagnetic transitions, quark models

Electronics: Network Analysis, semiconductor devices, Bipolar junction transistors, active filter and oscillator, flip flops, counters, registers

The details of the syllabus can be checked from the PDF file uploaded for the syllabus of the GATE physics exam.

The students cam also check the previous year papers for GATE Physics Exam so as to prepare in more better way about the GATE paper. Cracking paper is really important so be prepared in the best possible way for the paper.


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