Syllabus Of Metallurgical Engineering MT GATE 2019 Paper Full Details

GATE Metallurgical Engineering (MT) Syllabus-

From Engineering Mathematics section, the topics on which the questions will be asked in the exam are-

  • Linear Algebra2
  • Calculus
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Numerical Methods
  • Differential Equations

The Metallurgical Engineering section will have the topics covered as listed below-

GATE Metallurgical Engineering Syllabus 2019

  • Thermodynamics and Rate Processes- laws, Activity, Equilibrium, Applications, thermodynamics of surfaces, rate constants, oxidation, high temperature, mass transfer, diffusion, Fick’s laws, Mass transfer coefficients, concepts of viscosity, bernoulli’s equation
  • Extractive Metallurgy- Minerals, communication techniques, size classification. Flotation, gravity and other methods of mineral processing, blast furnance, metallurgical coke, insert gas rinsing, vacuum reactors, desulphurization, sulphide shape control
  • Physical Mettalurgy- Crystal Structure, nano Crystalline, phase transformation, elements of X-Ray, electric and magnetic properties of materials, electronic basis of thermal, optical, magnetic properties
  • Mechanical Metallurgy- Elasticity, Dislocations, Slip and twinning, stress fields, basic concepts of linear elastic, failure analysis, tension, compression, torsion, hardness, impact, creep, fatigue, fracture
  • Manufacturing processes- Metal casting, metal forming, metal joining, NDT using dye- penetrant, ultrasonic, radiography, eddy current, magnetic particle methods, welding metallurgy

To know much more about the GATE paper, download the previous year question papers for Metallurgical Engineering field from which the idea will be more clear for the paper.

GATE Metallurgical Engineering (MT) Previous year question paper DOWNLOAD

The details of the course can be attained from the syllabus PDF file uploaded below. The candidates will have to prepare for the whole syllabus for the GATE exam including all the topics of the GATE so that the candidates can possibly make up their schedule for the exam.

ALL THE BEST for your preparations…

GATE Metallurgical Engineering (MT) 2019 Syllabus PDF Download

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