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Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering GATE life Sciences XL Previous papers are being in need of every individual who applies for GATE exam. GATE life Sciences exam papers will help in the ample number of ways. The preparations can be made better with the exam papers. GATE exam preparations for the Life Sciences stream can be done by catching all the syllabus and pattern of the exam and making an schedule of the same. The Life Sciences Stream of GATE paper will be held in the month of February- march most probably. For any further updates of the exam paper the candidates can check the official website.

In the GATE XL paper, Chemistry section is the major and compulsory part. The other sections included are Zoology, Botany and Microbiology etc. The candidates who all apply for the GATE exam need to make sure that they cover all the sections of syllabus and prepare well for every part. There are further chapters included for every sections which are to be studied so that the GATE paper is being solved without any question left behind.

GATE XL Ques Paper 2020 PDF

GATE XL Ques Paper 2019 PDF

GATE XL Ques Paper 2018 PDF

GATE XL Ques Paper 2017 PDF

GATE XL Ques Paper 2015 PDF

GATE XL Ques Paper 2016 PDF

GATE XL Ques Paper 2014 PDF

GATE XL Ques Paper 2013 PDF

GATE XL Ques Paper 2012 PDF

GATE XL Ques Paper 2011 PDF

GATE XL Ques Paper 2010 PDF

GATE XL Ques Paper 2009 PDF

GATE XL Ques Paper 2008 PDF

GATE XL Ques Paper 2007 PDF

GATE Life Sciences papers should be solved and based on the performance the improvements are to be brought up in the system of study. This way you can be prepared in the more better way for the GATE paper and you chances to score good in GATE will increase.

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  1. k sudhakar says:

    sir where can i found answer keys for these question papers

    1. Mr.Sudhakar did you find the answer keys of these question papers yet?

      1. no please tell me where to find

        1. answer key mili kya sir ji

  2. Thank you had a grat help..keep it up!

  3. is all sections are compulsary

    1. Hi Priti,
      Yes in GATE exam sections are compulsory although you can get choices within the questions.

  4. Is chemistry compulsory in GATE LIFE SCIENCE?

  5. Ulka Kanse says:

    Sir,Can you provide answer keys of those question papers?

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