GATE Chemical Engineering Syllabus PDF 2019|CH Syllabus GATE Exam

GATE CH or Chemical Engineering 2019 Syllabus has to be prepared by the applicants of GATE. The GATE exam can be given by the candidates who are pursuing the last year of degree course and for those who have completed their graduation. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering includes the syllabi of the graduation degree being studied by the candidates. The aptitude test is the part of the question paper which are very scoring for the candidates who prepare them in a well organized manner.

GATE CH Syllabus includes the Chemical Engineering sections-

Process Calculations and Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Mechanical Operations, Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Chemical reactions, Instrumentation and process control, Plant design and Economics, Chemical technology


GATE Chemical Engineering CH Syllabus 2019

The GATE Chemical Engineering Syllabus includes the questions from the Engineering Mathematics which has the following sections to be prepared-

  • Complex Variables- Analytic functions, Cauchy’s integral theorem, Taylor and Laurent series, Residue Theorem
  • Probability and Statistics- Definitions, Conditional probability, mean, median, mode, binomial theorem
  • Differential Equations- Linear Differential equation, Cauchy’s and Euler’s equations, initial and boundary value problems, Laplace transformations
  • Calculus- Functions, Integrals, Vector Identities, Surface and volumes, Stokes, Gauss, green’s theorems
  • Linear Algebra- Matrix, Eigen values, vectors

The full details can be seen from the PDF file of the syllabus which is attached below.

GATE CH Previous Year Papers Download PDF

Also, the aptitude questions are the part of GATE question paper. The questions are both from numerical ability and verbal ability. The candidates need to practice and focus on this part so as to score really good score in the examination. Because this part is really scoring and just needs practice. Neglecting this part is of use if you wish to clear the GATE paper by all means.

GATE CH Syllabus 2019 PDF

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