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GATE Chemical Engg Previous Year Papers

GATE Chemical Previous Question Papers will help you to achieve your aim in the best way. GATE Chemical Engineering Previous year papers contain all the questions of the GATE Paper. The questions that have come in last years of the GATE Exam will give you an idea on how the paper looks like and what kind of preparations is to be done for the examination. GATE Chemical Engineering paper contains the syllabus of the Chemical Engineering branch which you have studied till now. GATE Chemical Engineering last year papers will give you knowledge on what kind of questions will be seen in the exam paper.

GATE Chemical Previous Question Papers can be checked from below and use them as the mock test for yourself and this way you will know that the sections which you lack in and the sections which require your concentration. The GATE Chemical Engineering branch paper is not so tough that only brilliant and studious candidates can clear it. The exam paper is so conceptual and technical that the students who all have the clear idea of the concepts they have studied till date. The ones who can use their concepts practically can solve out each question of the exam paper with full confidence.


GATE papers are provided below of the few previous years which can referred and carry on your preparations in the more better way. GATE papers will help you to know much more in detail what kind of question can be seen and what is the right way to answer the questions. The questions are objective type or MCQs where out of many choices 1 is the correct answer.

GATE CH Solved Paper PDF can be downloaded and can be solved each a day so that the preparations can be done in the better way. It is very important to get the question papers and practice them for your exam this year so that you have the ability to solve papers faster and efficiently.

GATE CH Previous Year Paper 

Gate 2007 CH Paper PDF

Gate 2008 CH Paper PDF

Gate 2009 CH Paper PDF

Gate 2010 CH Paper PDF

Gate 2011 CH Paper PDF

Gate 2012 CH Paper PDF

Gate 2013 CH Paper PDF

Gate 2014 CH Paper PDF

Gate 2015 CH Paper PDF

Gate 2016 CH Paper PDF

GATE 2017 CH Paper PDF

GATE 2017 CH Paper PDF

You can view all the papers and start your practice for the exam in best possible way. If you need any kind of assistance, you can write to us in comment section below. We will help you as soon as possible.

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  1. Sujan Debnath says:

    I need question paper of gate of next 10 years

    1. Hi,
      You can download the previous years papers of GATE Chemical Engineering from above.

      1. manjushri says:

        I want solution of previous year papers.

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