Questions On Direction Sense Test With Solutions & Formulas

Verbal Reasoning- Direction Sense Test

Verbal reasoning is a part of the reasoning test. Reasoning tests are for the entrance of candidate in various schools, colleges and universities etc. Verbal reasoning is just to test the candidate general mental ability and intelligence. This shows the candidates skills and knowledge of the candidates towards the particular field.

Verbal reasoning includes various topics under it. Direction sense test is the topic which is included in verbal reasoning. Direction sense test is the important topic in the competitive exams. Few topics of the direction sense test are important on exam basis. Various tricks and tips are followed to solve the questions. Candidates need to know all the tricks than only they will be able to solve the questions in less time.

As the name suggests direction sense test questions is based on direction and selection of puzzles. Students needs to understand various follow up directions, after that they relate final direction between two direction points. As we know there are four main directions i.e. north south east west. So to solve direst sense test these should e kept in mind. Following are some examples of the direction sense test.

Direction Sense Test Questions

Question 1. X and Y start moving towards each other from two places 200 m apart. After walking 60 m, B turns left and goes 20 m, then he turns right and goes 40 m. He then turns right again and comes back to the road on which he had started walking. If A and B walk with the same speed, what is the distance between them now?

  1. 20 m
  2. 30 m
  3. 40 m
  4. 50 m

Answer: Option C



Question 2. One morning, after sunrise, Vikram and Shailesh were standing in a lawn with their backs towards each other. Vikram’s shadow fell exactly towards left hand side. Which direction was Shailesh facing?

  1. East
  2. West
  3. North
  4. South

Answer: Option D

Explanation: Since Vikram’s shadow fell towards left, therefore, Vikram is facing North. So, Shailesh standing with his back towards Vikram, will be facing South.

These type of questions are included in direction sense test. All the direction based question are included. So candidates prepare all the questions accordingly. One can prepare all the questions from the reasoning books available in market. Candidate can also prepare from online material various PDFs are available on internet and even questions papers also help you to prepare the topics of verbal reasoning.


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