COMEDK UGET Physics Previous Question Papers With Solutions

COMEDK UGET Physics Previous papers are provided below as per which the candidates can prepare for the exam. COMEDK UGET Physics Exam Question Papers contain the questions which have been asked in exam and so you can idea of how you need to prepare for exam. More is the practice of the previous year question papers better you will have the knowledge of how the questions can be asked in exam. Some questions of COMEDK UGET Physics are given below answers of which can be checked from PDF given below.

Q1: Reverse saturation current of a diode-

  1. is independent of temperature
  2. increases with increase in temperature
  3. Decreases with increase in temperature
  4. May increase or decrease with increase in temperature depending on the semiconductor

Q2: During refraction, the ray does not undergo deviation when incident along normal 48. A ray of light passing from glass to water is incident on the glass-water interface at 650. If the critical angle for the pair of media is 630.

  1. The ray will emerge into water with a deviation of 20 from the normal
  2. The ray will be refracted into water with a deviation of 20
  3. The ray will be totally internally reflected back into glass with a deviation of 500
  4. The ray will be totally internally reflected back into glass with a deviation of 20

Q3: In Young’s double slit experiment, a third slit is made in between double slits. Then-

  1. Intensity of fringes totally disappears.
  2. Only Bright Light is observed on the screen,
  3. Fringes of unequal width are formed
  4. Contrast between bright and dark fringes is reduced

Q4: From the top of tower 2 stones, whose masses are in ratio 1 : 2 are thrown; 1 is straight up with an initial speed u and second straight down with same speed u. Then, neglecting air resistance-

  1. The heavier stone hits the ground with a higher speed
  2. The lighter stone hits the ground with a higher speed
  3. Both stones will have same speed when they hit the ground.
  4. The speed can’t be determined with given data.

The full set of previous year question papers can be checked from below.

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