COMEDK UGET Chemistry Previous Question Papers With Solutions

COMEDK UGET Chemistry Previous Year Question Papers are provided below which can be referred for the exam. The exam preparation of COMEDK UGET will help you to score good marks in the exam. All the questions of last years are provided in PDF format with answers. The sample questions are written below as per which you can practice more. The answers of each question can be checked from PDF file below.

Q1: A transition metal ion exists in its highest oxidation state. It is expected to behave as-

  1. A chelating agent
  2. A central market in a coordination compound
  3. An oxidizing agent
  4. A reducing agent

Q2: When a quantity of electricity is passed through CuSO4 solution, 0.16 g of copper gets deposited. If the same quantity of electricity is passed through acidulated water, then the volume of H2 liberated at STP will be [Given At. Wt. Cu= 64]

  1. 4 cm3
  2. 56 cm3
  3. 604 cm3
  4. 8 cm3

Q3: Covalent compounds have low melting point-

  1. Covalent molecules are held by weak vanderwaal’s forces of attraction
  2. Covalent bond is less exothermic
  3. Covalent bond is weaker than ionic bond
  4. Covalent molecules have definite shape

Q4: Aqueous solutions of hydrogen sulphide and sulphur- dioxide when mixed together, yield-

  1. Sulphur trioxide and water
  2. Hydrogen and sulphurous acid
  3. Sulphur and water
  4. Hydrogen peroxide and sulphur

Q5: In a mixture of aceic acid and sodium acetate the ratio of concentrations of salt to the acid is increased 10 times, then the pH of solution-

  1. Increases by 1
  2. Decreases by 1
  3. Decreases 10 fold
  4. Increases 10 fold

All the sets of COMEDK UGET Previous papers for Chemistry need to be practiced for the exam. Clear the basics of each topic and then you can score well in the exam.

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3 Paper 4 Paper 5
Paper 6 Paper 7 Paper 8 Paper 9 Paper 10




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