COMEDK UGET Biology Previous Question Papers With Solutions

COMEDK UGET Biology Previous Year Question Papers will help you to prepare for exam. COMEDK UGET exam is the competitive paper for which the preparation has to be done in best way. Some questions are written which can be practiced for examination. The answers of each can be checked from the PDF file given below.

Q1: Which of the following statements is true with reference to cross pollination in angiosperms?

  1. It requires the production of large number of pollen grains
  2. It can fail to occur due to distance barrier
  3. It occurs only in unisexual flowers
  4. It most often results in high yield of plants

Q2: Physiological demonstration of osmosis is depicted by which experiment?

  1. Thistle funnel whose mouth is tied with egg membrane
  2. Thistle funnel whose mouth is tied with parchment paper
  3. Potometer
  4. Bell jar experiment

Q3: In tissue culture roots can be induced by-

  1. Lower amount of cytokinin and higher concentration of auxins
  2. Only cytokinin and no auxins
  3. No Cytokinin and only auxins
  4. Higher amount of cytokinin and lower concentration of auxins

Q4: Choose the most appropriate combination of components of respiratory membrane, from the following-

  1. Alveolar wall and ducts
  2. Inner & outer pleural membranes with pleural fluid
  3. Membranes of alveolar ducts and capillaries
  4. Alveolar wall, alveolar capillary and interstitial space

Q5: In which of the following groups, the majority of plant orders contain the vascular tissue wherein the vessels and companion cells are absent in the xylem and phloem?

  1. Angiosperms
  2. Thallophytes
  3. Bryophytes
  4. Gymnsperms

COMEDK UGET Biology Question Papers should be used so that you have clear basics of the exam topics. So, study and prepare yourself better for the exam.

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