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Verbal reasoning is the part of the reasoning subject which is crucial part of competitive exams. Verbal reasoning is to judge the mental ability and intelligence of the candidate. Verbal reasoning contains various sub parts which candidates have to prepare when they have to attempt the exam. One part is decoding and coding. Here in this article we will explain you each detail on coding and decoding of the verbal reasoning.

Coding and decoding is the important topic in verbal reasoning. Coding is used to transmitting secret messages from one place to another in defence services. Whereas decoding is used to break the secret code. All the codes are based on various principles and patterns. Various types of coding and decoding are letter coding, number coding, number to letter coding and substitution coding. Candidates must be aware about all these patterns and how to solve these patterns which will help them to solve the question.

As we know each and every question which is based on mathematical basis is solved with various tricks and tips. If one does not know those tricks than the solution to that questions becomes tricky. So candidates should practice these questions of coding and decoding so that they can easily solve the question in exams without wasting their time.

Now we will show you some examples to show you type of questions asked in coding and decoding and how they are solved.

Ques 1. If TAP is coded as SZO, then how is FREEZE coded?


Answer: Option B



T -1 = S

A -1 = Z

P -1 = O

So FREEZE will be,

F -1 E

R -1 Q

E -1 D

E -1 D

Z -1 Y

E -1 D

Ques 2. In a certain language, 1 is coded as C, 6 is coded as E, 0 is coded as L, 2 is coded a; G and 3 is coded as O. How is 1300626 coded in that language ?





Answer: option D


1=C, 3=0




Therefore 6=E

Hence only D is valid.

These are the type of question included in coding and decoding. Candidate need to prepare these types of question to score well in exams. Candidates can prepare the same from the reasoning books available in market as well as from the online PDF and questions papers.

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