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CLAT or Common Law Admission Test exam is highly important for the candidates who wish to make thri career in Law field. CLAT Sample Papers Download link is provided below by which it is possible to know what kind of questions come in exam and how the preparations are to be done for the exam paper. CLAT Model papers will contain the questions from all possible sections as are defined in the syllabus of CLAT. CLAT is an objective paper and so the practicing of questions will make it more easier to score better in exam paper.

Question1. X walked 35 metres towards South, then turned left and walked 25 metres, and again turned left and walked for 35 meters. He then turned to his right and walked 20 metres. At what distance and direction from the starting point is X now standing?

(1) 20m West

(2) 45m East

(3) 20m East

(4) 45m North

Question2. Karenge ya Marenge (Do or Die) was the slogan of which movement in India?

(1) The Quit India Movement, 1921

(2) Salt Movement, 1930

(3) Non-Cooperation Movement, 1921

(4) Indigo revolt, 1859-60

Question3. A bid at an auction sale is

(1) An implied offer to buy

(2) An express offer to buy

(3) An invitation to offer to buy

(4) An invitation to come to bid

Question4. The Speaker can ask a member of the House to stop speaking and let another member speak. This phenomenon is known as

(1) Yielding the floor

(2) Crossing the floor.

(3) Anti-defection

(4) Decorum

Question5. Whoever, either prior to or at the time of the commission of an act does anything in order to facilitate the commission of that act, and there by facilitates the commission there of, is said to

(1) Conspire the doing of that act

(2) Aid the doing of that act

(3) Abet the doing of that act

(4) Instigate the doing of that act

Question6. An agreement which is enforceable by law at the option of one or more of the parties, but not at the option of the other or others is

(1) Void agreement

(2) Voidable contract

(3) Valid contract

(4) Nudum pactum

Question7. Pointing to a photograph Rasika said “He is the grandson of my grandmother’s only son.” How is the boy in photograph related to Rasika ?

(1) Son

(2) Nephew

(3) Brother

(4) Cannot be determined

CLAT Sample Papers Download

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