Chhattisgarh PSC Assistant Director In Horticulture Syllabus With Exam Scheme

Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission (CGPSC) Assistant Director in Horticulture will be the important exam paper for the all the applicants. CGPSC Assistant Director exam pattern & syllabus will be defined below as per which the preparations can be done in better way for the exam. Syllabus for CGPSC Assistant Director in Horticulture will include all the possible topics of the field. The paper details are mentioned for the exam.

Exam Pattern: The written exam will be seen in the exam paper which will contain 150 objective questions of total 300 marks.

Total Time: 3 Hours

NOTE: There will be negative marking in the exam.

The topics which will be part of questions in exam-

  • General Knowledge of Chhattisgarh- 50 Questions of 100 marks
  • Horticulture- 100 Questions of 200 marks

Exam Syllabus: The syllabus topics will include the following-

These all will be in favor of Chhattisgarh- History, Geography, water, mineral resources, climate & physical conditions, Literature, music, dance, art, culture, Tribals, dialects, Teej and other festivals, Economy, forest, agriculture, Administrative structure, local government, Panchayati Raj, Human & energy resources, Education, health

The Horticulture related topics will be-

Fundamentals, Economy, Plant Propagation, Nutrition, Economy, production, different methods of irrigation, Pollination & their control problems and requirements, flower and fruit drop, fruit thinning, Selection of site for commercial nursery, ecological & economic factors, role of rootstocks in fruit production, importance of micro propagation of plants, cultivation Of Horticultural Crops

The questions will be asked from topics such as high density planting, climate, soils, planting methods, training, nutrition, irrigation, intercrops, weed control, problems in orchard management, flowering, fruit set, harvesting, preharvest treatments, use of growth regulators, yield, grading, all kinds of crops, Plantation Crops, vegetable crops, cucurbitaceous crops, perennial vegetables, Flower crops, Medicinal and aromatic crops such as Aloe, dioscorea, sarpangandha, safed musli and asparagus, Citronella, lemon grass, palmarosa, vettiver, Spices and condiments Turmeric, cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, clove and cumin.

Preservation of Fruits & Vegetables is really important thing and it will include canning, bottling, freezing, dehydration, drying. Plant Physiology, Growth Regulation & Harmones history, occurrence, distribution, mechanism of action and function of auxins, retardants, phenolic substances.

Plant Protection is a necessity to avoid diseases, Insect pest, integrated pest management of Horticultural crops. Protected Cultivation will include greenhouse management which will include several things like establishing a best greenhouse, management of light, temperature, CO2 and relative humidity.

Ornamental Gardening & Landscape Architecture is also important which will include study of ornamental trees, shrubs and climbers, study of cacti, succulent, Principles of garden designs, types of gardens, indoor plants, flower arrangement. Dry Land Horticulture, Watershed Management & Social & Farm Forestry details in all aspects are to be studied for the exam. Adaptive features of dry land fruit crops for drought and salinity.

Breeding principles, heredity, variation, Mendel’s law of inheritance, mutation & breeding methods of different tropical & subtropical fruits, vegetables and spices crops, Statistical methods for Agriculture Analysis, Interpretation, Probability, Test of Significance.

Study the topics of the field HORTICULTURE which are really important for the exam paper. Practice well all the questions of the exam and schedule the study well for the exam paper

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