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CG PET Physics Sample Question Papers With solutions are provided below so that you can the preparation material for the exam. Some sample questions have been given right below answers of which can be found in the PDf file linked. CGPET is an important competitive exam for which there are large number of applicants. Solve the questions and make yourself prepared for Physics section.

Q1: When 4 resistors are connected in series with a battery and dissipate a power of 10 W, what will be the power dissipated through any of them if it is individually connected across the same battery?

  1. 40 W
  2. 10/ 3 W
  3. 90 W
  4. 10 W

Q2: Mesotartric acid is optically inactive due to presence of-

  1. Molecular symmetry
  2. Molecular asymmetry
  3. External compensation
  4. 2 asymmetric carbon atoms

Q3: In a double slit experiment, the distance between slits is increased 10 times whereas their distance from screen is halved, then what is fringe- width?

  1. Remains same
  2. Becomes 1/ 10
  3. Becomes 1/ 20
  4. Becomes 1/ 40

Q4: Photon get stuck on perfectly easily on reflecting surfaces because:

  1. Sticking area is more because of smoothness of reflecting surfaces
  2. Vacuum gets created between photo and reflecting surface
  3. Reflecting surfaces are warm surfaces
  4. Glue sticks nicely on reflecting surfaces

Q5: Which of the following conclusions is correct regarding a stationary body?

  1. NO force is acting on the body
  2. Vector sum of forces acting on body is zero
  3. The body is in vacuum
  4. The forces acting on the body donot constitute a couple

Study well for the Physics section of CGPET paper so that you have the idea of the questions need to be solved in exam.

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3 Paper 4

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