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Union Public Service Commission UPSC conducts Combined Defence Services Examination twice a year in which huge number of aspirants fill up the forms just to get a good job & serve their nation. Well most of candidate search for CDS Question Papers in order to get the level of the examination. You are on right place we have provided the CDS maths last year question paper, download them through the link given below & also try to solve them only if you are prepared for this examination. CDS Elementary Mathematics Papers help the students in many ways, firstly they get an idea about the exam & secondly some questions will be prepared as most of the questions are same in exam just the digits are changed. Maths for CDS exam is most important as you can score high in mathematics if you practice hard enough. All the best for the examination & your preparation just be focused on what you want to achieve rather than thinking of hurdles.

Question1. A number consists of two digits. The sum of the digits is 10. On reversing the digits of the number, the number decreases by 36. What is the product of the two digits?

  1. 21
  2. 24
  3. 36
  4. 42

Question2. Which one among the following statements is correct?

  1. Simple bar diagrams are those diagrams are those diagrams which show two characteristics of the data
  2. In pie diagrams all the items are converted into angles
  3. A bar diagram is one in which data are shown in terms of bars
  4. Bar diagram present data through length & breath

Question3. ABCD is a rhombus with diagonals AC and BD. Then which one among the following is correct?

  1. AC and BD bisect each other but no necessarily perpendicular to each other.
  2. AC and BD are perpendicular to each other but not necessarily bisect each other
  3. AC and BD bisect each other and perpendicular each other
  4. AC and BD neither bisect each other nor perpendicular to each other

Question4. The HCF of two numbers is 98 and their LCM 2352. The sum of the numbers may be

  1. 1372
  2. 1398
  3. 1426
  4. 1484

Question5. X can do work in 16 days. in how any days will the work be completed by Y if the efficiency of Y is 60% more than that of X?

  1. 10 days
  2. 12 days
  3. 25 days
  4. 30 days

Question6. If K is a positive integer, then every square integer is of the form

  1. 4K
  2. 4K or 4K+3
  3. 4K+1 or 4K+3
  4. 4Kor 4K+1

Question7. A train running at the speed of 72 Km goes past a pole in 15 seconds. What is the length of the train?

  1. 150 m
  2. 200 m
  3. 300 m
  4. 350 m

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        • Sir,I am student of 3rd year from mechanical branch I completed my 3rd year recently I would have to clear the CDS exam in the year I am eligible for CDS (officer training academy) and which books are prepared for CDS exam Is there any questions are related to basic concepts and how to download previous papers plzzz reply me

      • Sir I am preparing for CDS examination 2 which is released in September 8 of 2017 I want all the study material that is necessary for cds examination please sir please send me I am waiting for the material so that I can start preparation on Cds
        examination as in previous time also I got rejected without having a proper material so please sir I will be waiting for your reply as soon as I receive the Cds examination all study material from you I will be start planning please sir I will be be waiting for your reply

        • Hi Hari,
          All the required material for CDS preparation is made available on this website. Just search for UPSC CDS in search box and you will find ample of study material. Practice the questions and refer to best of books, you will be able to score very well in exam.

  1. Sir, i am student of B tech 2nd year from mechanical branch and i would have to clear the CDS exam in the next year , so i would hope to give me help in the preparation for CDS , some motivations and also give me tips for making the schedule for cds while doing my btech study . Sir i am more confused about it what should i do , while doing my study of B tech ,i havn’t take time to study of CDS material So plzzz help me sir …must reply sir

    • Hi Abhishek,
      The questions from the maths subject are asked in mixed format. If in last year the questions came from particular section, then also it is not sure that the same topic will be focused this time. So, all topics need to be prepared well.

  2. Respected Sir,
    I am engineering student i am prepare for cds exam sir, please tell me how to prepare for cds exam and which book i will refer. Give some guide line how to crack cds exam.

  3. Hii sir… I am studying in sybsc I want to join Indian air force so may I apply for CDS examination in my next year or after completion of graduation??? And sir I want to ask you that how can I prepare for this exam while doing my graduation study??? Plz give me some motivation and imp tips to prepare for this exam….. Plz reply sir

    • No you cannot apply for IAF from CDS. Girls are only allowed for OTA, which will induct you into Indian Army. If you want to join the IAF, you should go for the AFCAT exam.

  4. Sir ,
    Im doing my msc in mathematics . Im appearing for the current exam of cds in february i dont understand why girls are not eligible for giving maths paper we only have OTA paper. Why dont we have other paper exam???

  5. Hi Sir,
    I’m Gowtham. Now am Preparing for CDS Exam. My Age is now exactly 24. Is i am Eligible for attending Exam? I am willing to work in Officers Training Academy. In School & College not in NCC.

  6. hiii how can I perpare well for the elementary maths exam as I am the students of biology I have left maths after 10th class ?
    please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hay Sir! my student Mr.Sukhen Sinha student of Class XII want to become an officer in great ‘Indian Army’. How can I make tips for himself? Or, how can he prepare himself for fourthcoming NDA exam ? He is now 17+..Please help….

    • Hi,
      For your student, you can make the notes of each subject that is part of NDA exam. Tell him all the tips and tricks to solve the questions in faster manner. Prepare him for the exam by referring him the best NDA books and tell him to practice the question papers of NDA. You will find all the material on this website. Use SEARCH box in right top corner and type NDA.

  8. Resected sir,

    I am student of bsc2 .I want to clear CDs exam in first attempt but I am unable to take coaching. What I do please tell me and guide me.

  9. respected sir, I just completed my graduation and now interested in CDS- OTA EXAM.. I am from nursing field and have only my last one year for applying, so need some guidance for syllabus, and which study material i should prefer.. n m I taking the right decision.. m confused.. please provide me guidance..

    • Hi Priyanka,
      Yes, why not You should give CDS exam with full of confidence. Follow below steps to crack it-
      1) Refer to its syllabus. Make your time table to study accordingly.
      2) Follow the best of books for CDS exam to prepare the syllabus.
      3) Once syllabus is prepared, use CDS old question papers to learn and practice questions related to syllabus.

  10. Respected Sir i am final year engineering students I want to prepare for cds exam. Guide me to how start cds exam study

  11. Respected Sir,
    I am student i am prepare for cds exam sir, please tell me how to prepare for cds exam and which book i will refer. Give some guide lineplease.

    • Hi Sachin,
      Please refer to important books link which is given above. These books will help you to prepare for CDS. Additionally, practice the question papers of each subject.

  12. a student of 1st year I want to prepare for CDS pls guide me properly how to prepare for the examination and give me some useful details related to it.

    • Hi Akshansha,
      For CDS, it is very important to have core knowledge of GK. Be connected to world everyday by reading newspaper and listening news. The questions of maximum weightage are asked from this section. Next comes English section which should be prepared in proper way.
      There are several Good books available on internet for CDS, you can refer them for your better knowledge. Also you can practice the old question papers of CDS. All these things are available on our website; Just use SEARCH button properly.

  13. hi i/m looking for solved gk questions post2014-. Even after cilicking on gk link maths question paper pops up. kindly fix 🙂

  14. hi sir i am shailendra kumar pal now i am in bsc4th year student and also i have a ncc C certificate with B rade .can i passed the exam or direct SSB. please advised me

  15. Sir,I am in 3rd year and I have applied for the coming exam of cds. Please suggest me the best book for it and if possible please send some question papers for it on my ID.

  16. Sir, I have completed my BE Mechanical this year. I wanted to know that first we have to appear for cds 1 and then cds 2 exam. Because cds 2 exam notification is out and they have not mentioned anything about this stuff of my doubt.

    • Hi Pratik,
      It is not the case that you have to sit in both CDS 1 & CDS 2. CDS (I) & CDS (II) is referred so because UPSC conducts CDS exam twice every year. You can register for CDS (II) exam and start your preparations for CDS exam.

  17. sir, im 3rd year engineering student .am i was elogible to write the cds exam? because i heard that only final year students and graduates can apply.

  18. Hello sir …I am bsc 3rd year student.I am apply for CDS exam.its my first attempt for so please give some advice for CDS OTA preparation…and also provide previous year question papers


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