CBSE Class 12 Geography Sample Question Papers Download

CBSE 12th Geography Sample Question Papers are provided below which can be used to prepare for the exam. CBSE Class 12 Geography Model Papers have the questions from core topics as well as some basics one which you should have covered in your course syllabus and books. Some of the sample questions from Geography are given-

Q1: Identify them with the help of the map legend and write their correct names on the line marked on the map-

  • An area of Extensive Commercial Grain Farming.
  • A densely populated area in Western Europe.
  • A country with the highest H. D. I. in the world.
  • A country with dense rail network in Asia

Q2: What is the estimated percentage of polluted water in India? Name the 2 most polluted rivers in India

Q3: Indian culture and civilization have been very sensitive to the issues of population, resource and development for a long time. It would not be incorrect to say that the ancient scriptures were essentially concerned about the balance and harmony among the elements of nature. Mahatma Gandhi in the recent times advocated the reinforcement of the harmony and balance between the two.

All the questions of these kind can be checked from below given PDFs and you can continue practicing them. Geography is the scoring subject for all, just a little interest is required to understand it. Once you get it, then you can score really well in the exam.

For any kind of problem, you can reach out to us anytime and we will help you for sure. Just practice the questions as many as possible and you will know how to score good in exam. Stay connected with us for all kinds of updates for board papers.

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