CBSE 12th Informatics Practices Sample Question Papers Download PDF

CBSE Class 12th IP Sample Papers are the key study notes which can help you to prepare good for the exam. Informatics Practices 12th CBSE model papers have to be used wisely and should be practiced daily so that you are always fresh with the contents of syllabus and you have full knowledge. The sample questions are given below as well which you can solve and check the answers from the PDF files given below.

Q1: Write the code for the cmdCalcGrade button to calculate the grade to display in text field txtGrade, depending on the stream selected according to the criteria in the following table-

Stream Percentage Grade
Medical >=80 A
60-80 B
<60 C
Non- Medical >=75 A
50-75 B
<50 C

Q2: Write SQL command to create the following table structure-

Table: COACH Field Type Constraint
PCode Integer Primary Key
Name Varchar(20) Not Null
ACode Integer Foreign Key which refer the ACODE in Table activity

The questions are asked from the basic topics of IP subject and the marking scheme is defined by CBSE officials. This scheme contain the marks limit for each section of the exam which you can refer from the downloadable file given below.For all the question sets, please download the PDF given below and make your study plan in a way that you can solve question of each type.

In case you are stuck anywhere, refer to the best of books for the exam. You can refer the textbooks you use in your school to cover all the syllabus. For any problem please write us in comment section and we will help you.


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