CBSE Board English Sample Question Papers For Class 12 Download PDF

CBSE 12th English paper has 3 sections with different types of questions. CBSE English Sample papers for class 12 2015 can be referred for the better knowledge of the type of question paper. The details of the different sections of English paper are given below. CBSE English sample papers for class 12 Core/ Functional with solutions will help to prepare for exam- both core & functional.

Section A- Reading Section

In this, passage is seen which can be a reading article, daily event, current issue or any general topic. Not only a passage but can be a poem also. Then, after reading the passage the questions are to be answered. The questions can be in question- answer form, vocabulary based questions, summary of passage etc.

Section B- Writing Section

In this section, notice writing, draft, report writing, article writing, letter writing, speech writing, character sketch and all related questions

Section C- Literature

In this section, the questions are asked from the course which is studied by students. The chapters and poems studied in schools are the part of the exam. For this, the content has to be studied well. The book which is prescribed has to be studied with full knowledge of chapters & poems.

So, to know the type of questions which have been asked in the exam paper we have provided the sample papers for English exam. English Sample paper for CBSE 12th can be practiced so that the flexibility for the exam increases. Work on vocabulary as the paper is scoring in certain sections. Adding value to the questions will bring them different from others and so helps in gaining much better marks.

Download the set of English Core & Elective Sample Model papers and prepare well for the exam. Make a schedule to study for the exam and so each section will be prepared well for the exam.

CBSE 12th Board English Sample Papers DOWNLOAD

 Paper 1  Paper 2  Paper 3  Paper 4  Paper 5
 Paper 6  Paper 7  Paper 8  Paper 9  Paper 10
 Paper 11  Paper 12  Paper 13  Paper 14  Paper 15
 Paper 16  Paper 17  Paper 18  Paper 19

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    1. Hi Alok,
      From the above papers given, Click on any paper; a new window will open up where you will find Download button on header. This will help you to save papers in your system.

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