CBSE Class 12th Computer Science Question Paper 2019 With Solutions

CBSE 12 Computer Science Model Papers 2019 PDF

CBSE Class 12 computer sample papers are provided below with best of questions for the exam so that you can get best of scores in exam. By practicing different type of questions in exam, you can get good score as you will know the idea of how the answers have to be given for the queries. CBSE 12 Computer Science Model Papers have the tendency to make you practically as well as theoretically strong for the exam.

Practice the below questions for the CBSE XII Computer Sample Papers-

Q1: Answer the questions given based on the following code-

class book

{ char Title[2];

char author[20];

int no-of_pages;


void read();

void show();


class textbook : private book


int no_of_chapters, no_of_assignments;


int standard;


void readtextbook();

void showtextbook();


class Physicsbook : public Textbook



char Topic[20];


void readphysicsbook();

void showphysicsbook();


  • Name the members, which can be accessed from the member functions of class Physicsbook.
  • Name the members, which can be accessed by an object of class Textbook.
  • Name the members, which can be accessed by an object of class Physics book.
  • What will be the size of an object (in bytes) of class physics book?

Q2: Consider the following structure:

struct Employee

{ int ECode;

char Ename[20]; };

Write a function to accept an Employee array and perform insertion sort in the increasing order of ECode.

Q3: An array MAT[10[11] is stored in the memory column wise with each element occupying 4 bytes of memory. Find out the base address and the address of element MAT[5][10], if the location of MAT[1][4] is stored at the address 2000.

Q4: Give the necessary declaration of a linked list implementation queue containing integer type elements. Also write a user defined function in C++ to delete an integer type number from the queue.

Download full set of question papers from below and check the answers also so that you have best of knowledge for the exam.

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3 Paper 4 Paper 5

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