CBSE 12th Board Microbiology Previous Question Papers Download

CBSE 12th Board Microbiology exam will be held with all the other subject exams in the month of March- April. The candidates who all have Microbiology as their subject need to prepare for the same so that they can give best performance in the exam. CBSE Microbiology Previous Papers for Class 12 will help in achieving the goal of preparation. CBSE Board 12th Microbiology  Old Papers will give you the idea on how the questions will be asked in the exam paper. Just try to make a schedule for the examination study plan, so that you can cover all the subjects rather than glued to one.

Below are some Previous Questions of CBSE 12th Microbiology Exam which can be asked in the exam paper. Practice the full set of questions from the provided links to get more knowledge for exam. Make a time table to study well for exam to get proper score in exam.

Q1: Write short notes on any 3 of the following-

  1. Lepromin Test
  2. Eleck Test
  • Catalase Test
  1. Tuberculin Test

Q2: Write briefs on following-

  1. Hepatitis ‘B’ and ‘C’
  2. Antigen & hapten
  • Methods of cultivation of virus

Q3: Draw labeled diagrams-

  1. Cyst of Hymenolepis nana
  2. Plasmodium Vivax, Ring stage
  • Cyst of Entamoeba Histolytica

Q4: What are flocculation Tests? Describe agglutination reactions.

Q5: Write short notes on 3 of following-

  1. Shick Test
  2. Catalase test
  • Swarming Growth

3. Laboratory Diagnosis of pulmonary Tuberculosis

CBSE 12th Class is the important step of the academic career and so the students need to focus in best possible way for the exam. CBSE Board 12th exam is all prepared from the defined syllabus of respective subject. So, prepare the questions as are given in the following set of old question papers of Microbiology for CBSE board. Practice more and more to get more knowledge and flexibility in the different types of questions.

CBSE 12th Microbiology Previous Year Question Papers DOWNLOAD

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