CBSE 12th Board Mathematics Sample/ Model Papers Download PDF

CBSE 12th mathematics Sample Papers are provided below which contain the questions from the different parts of the syllabus of the subject. There are different units in Mathematics and all the chapters are to be studied well for the exam. The exam paper will contain the 1 mark, 4 mark and 6 mark questions. Some of the sample questions of Mathematics are given below which you should solve by your own. These questions will guide you what chapter you need to focus more for better scores.

CBSE 12th Maths Sample Papers 2015 Download

1 mark questions will constitute-

Q1: Write the principal value branch of arc sinx

Q2: Find the projection of vector i+3j+7k on vector 7i-j+8k

Q3: Write the number of all binary operation on set A= {a,b,c} to itself.

Q4:  Find area of triangle with vertices at all points: (-2, -3), (3,2), (-1, -8)

Q5: Construct a 2*2 matrix, whose elements are given by: aij= ½ |-3i + j|

4 mark questions are another section in the exam paper which will contain-

Q1: Solve for x, 2 tan-1 (cos x)= tan-1 (2 cosec x)

Q2: Find the interval in which the function f given by f(x)- sin4x + cos4x is strictly increasing and strictly decreasing 0< x< 900

Q3: From the differential equation of family of circles touching the y- axis at origin

6 mark question will contain the questions-

Q1: An aero plane can carry a maximum of 200 passengers. A profit of Rs1000 is made on each executive class ticket and a profit of Rs600 is made on each economy class ticket. The airline reserves at least 20 seats for executive class However, at least 4 times as many passengers prefer to travel by economy class than by the executive class. Determine how many tickets of each type must be sold in order to maximize the profit for the airline. What is the maximum profit?

Q2: A window of fixed perimeter (including the base of the triangle) is in the form of a rectangle surmounted by an equilateral triangle. The triangular portion is filled with colored glass while the rectangular part is filled with clear glass. The colored glass stops 30% light fall on it while clear glass only 1%. What is the ratio of the sides of the rectangle so that the window transmits the maximum light? Use sunlight to save electricity and serve the nation directly comments on it.

CBSE Class 12 Maths Sample/ Model papers Download

 Paper 1  Paper 2 Paper 3  Paper 4 Paper 5  Paper 6 
Paper 7  Paper 8  Paper 9  Paper 10  Paper 11 Paper 12 
Paper 13  Paper 14  Paper 15  Paper 16  Paper 17

Mathematics Solved Sample Papers

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