CBSE 12th Board Electronic Devices & Circuits- I Previous Papers Download

CBSE 12th Board Electronic Device & Circuits- I exam papers are provided so as to attain the knowledge of the full paper. The examination has to be taken seriously and for this the best of study material has to be present with each candidate. CBSE 12th Electronics Device Sample Papers download link are given below and the candidates can attain them and bring them into best of use. Make a schedule to study at the proper hours and devote the time properly. Questions are all from the syllabus course being designed by CBSE. Some type of questions which are the part of exam are given below.

Q1: Draw the circuit of Wein’s bridge oscillator and explain its working principle.

Q2: Explain the working principle of single tuned amplifier. Draw its frequency response.

Q3: Draw typical circuit of transformer coupled multistage amplifier and explain its working. Draw its frequency response.

Q4: Give physical explanation of effect of negative feedback on gain stability, distortion, bandwidth of amplifier.

Q5: Explain the difference between SSI, MSI, LSI, VLSI

Q6: Explain working of transistor as switch

Q7: Explain Barkhausen criterion for oscillations. Explain working principle of crystal oscillator.

Below are the set of CBSE old questions papers for Electronics which will surely help you in the preparation of the exam. There is a proper syllabus for exam which has to be prepared. So, just make a plan to study well and so the great score in exam will be obtained. Prepare for each kind of question so that it is easy to solve the exam paper. CBSE Class XII Electronics Device & Circuits Previous Year Question Papers will prove beneficiary for you in main exams.

CBSE Board 12th Electronic Device & Circuits Previous Papers DOWNLOAD

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