12th CBSE Biotechnology Sample/ Model Papers With Solutions PDF

CBSE 12th Board Biotechnology paper is being scheduled for the students. For this, they need to study and prepare well for the exam. CBSE 12 class Boitech Sample Papers will help you in studying well for the exam. This is because the idea will come that how the questions are asked in exam paper. So, accordingly the preparations for the exam can be done. Some biotechnology sample/ model papers for CBSE class 12 are provided at the bottom which can be downloaded for free and practiced for long.

Answer the questions for the questions given below and then check the answers to correct yourself.

Q1: Name the single letter IUPAC code for Pyrimidine and Purine?

Q2: What is the idea behind using thermostable Taq polymerase in PCR instead of normal polymerase?

Q3: Name the bacteria who is called natural genetic engineer and why? Explain.

Q4: Name and explain different non covalent forces involved in the structural organization of proteins.

Q5: Determine the no. of generation and generation time of a bacterial culture containing 100 cells increased its population to one billion in 10 hours.

Q6: Why do not we clone mRNA directly?

Q7: What are cybrids? How are these developed?

Q8: What are secondary metabolites? Name two secondary metabolites of medicinal value.

Q9: Name and explain the main steps of PCR. How many cycles of reactions are required to produce 65536 genes from a single gene?

Q10: How can you raise virus free tomato plants from a virus infected tomato plant? Are these plants will be virus resistant? If not then why?

Get the full set of the questions of Biotechnology from below links and practice for exam in best way. Practice and work hard for exam Biotechnology.

CBSE Class 12 Biotechnology Sample/ Model papers DOWNLOAD

 Paper 1  Paper 2  Paper 3  Paper 4

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