12th CBSE Board Biology Sample/Model Papers For Exam Preparation

CBSE 12th Board Biology Sample / Model Papers contain the questions which can be the part of your exam. CBSE Board Biology Sample papers for Class 12 are provided so that the students can prepare for the exam from each and every section of the syllabus. Biology Sample Papers 2015 CBSE 12th Board needs to be practiced well for the exam because this may help you to achieve a better score in the exam.

Have a look at following sample questions from Biology and answer each question up to the mark. Likewise, practice more and more to achieve a nice score in exam.

Question 1: A 30 year old man with a history of no prior immunization steps on a nail while walking barefoot in his courtyard and bleed. Which immunization should he undergo?

Question 2: Which animal extinct within a decade after goats were introduced on the Galapagos Islands?

Question 3: Name the plant came into India as a contaminant with imported wheat has become ubiquitous in occurrence and causes pollen allergy. What are its other effects on our body?

Question 4: What are the essential steps for breeding disease resistance plants?


How Maize plant become resistance to stem borer with respect to physiological characters.

Question 5: Which type of microbes can be grown easily in laboratories in the form of colonies? (ii) List some microbes used in industries with example.


  1. i) Name the causative organism of typhoid disease.
  2. ii) What are the major symptoms of this disease?

iii) Name the test used to confirm this disease

iv)State the classic case in medicine with this disease.

Question 6: Give reasons for following-

  1. a) DNA is considered as better genetic material than RNA.
  2. b) Transcription and translation can be coupled in prokaryotes but not in eukaryotes.

CBSE Board Class 12 Biology Sample Papers-

 Solved Paper 1  Solved Paper 2  Solved Paper 3  Solved Paper 4  Solved Paper 5
 Paper 1  Paper 2  Paper 3  Paper 4  Paper 5  Paper 6
 Paper 7  Paper 8  Paper 9  Paper 10  Paper 11  Paper 12
 Paper 13  Paper 14  Paper 15  Paper 16 Paper 17  Paper 18 
 Paper 19 Paper 20  Paper 21  Paper 22  Paper 23   Paper 24
Paper 25  Paper 26  Paper 27  Paper 28  Paper 29 

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