CBSE Biology Class 12 Previous Question Papers Download For Exam Preparation

CBSE 12th Class Biology Previous year Question Papers are provided below by which you can know the structure of exam paper and also the type of questions that are asked in exam paper. CBSE Class 12 Biology Papers will contain the questions all from the Bio topics. Study well the topics and then practice the questions given below.

There are 2, 3 and 5 marks questions in the exam paper. Each question has to be answered in the best possible way/ manner. The length of the question has to be attempted as per the value.

2 marks questions in the exam are of following type-

Q1: Why do clown fish and sea anemone pair up? What is this relationship called?

Q2: Why is Rhizobium categorized as a ‘symbiotic bacterium’? How does it act as a bio- fertilizer?

Q3: The cell division involved in gamete formation is not of same type in different organisms. Justify.

Q4: What is gene therapy? Name the first clinical case where it is used.

3 Marks questions are of the kind are-

Q1: What are Methanogens? Name the animals they are present in and the role they play there.

Q2: There are many animals that have become extinct in wild but continue to be maintained in Zoological parks.

Q3: Scientists have succeeded in recovering healthy sugarcane plants from a diseased one.

  1. Name the part of the plant used as explant by scientists
  2. Describe the procedure the scientists followed to recover the healthy plants
  3. Name this technology used for crop improvement

Q4: Write the function of each one of the following-

  1. Fimbriae
  2. Coleoptile
  3. Oxytocin

Same as above the questions are seen in exam paper. The more details about questions can be attained from given download links and so the practice for exam can be better enough.

CBSE 12th Board Biology Previous Papers Download

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