CBSE Class 10 English Syllabus For Literature & Language

The syllabus for English Literature & Language is given below details for which the students can check below. CBSE Class 10 English Literature & Language topics are divided in several sections. The students of 10th class should prepare for all the sections- Reading, Writing, Language and literature so that they can excel with nice scores in exam.

Course Structure (Summative Assessment)

Section A: Reading Skills (20 marks)

Section B: Writing Skills with Grammar   (25 marks)

Section C: Literature Textbooks & Long Reading Text      (25 marks)

Section D: Speaking & Listening (20 marks)

Section D of exam will be examined by schools itself and these 20 marks will be added to written paper of 70 marks which makes it total of 90 marks. The one third of the 90 marks (30 marks) should be added each in both Summative Assessments.


Two unseen passages will be asked in exam. One will be followed by 8 very short answer type questions (8 marks) and another will be followed by 4 short answer type questions and vocabulary questions (12 marks)


Letter writing or article writing (5 marks)

Short story based on a given outline in about 150-200 words (10 marks)

In Grammar the questions will include topics- Tenses, Modals, active/ passive voice, Subject verb concord, Reporting, clauses of condition and time, Articles, Conjunctions, Tenses, Editing/ omission, Sentences reordering, Commands & requests, Statements, Questions, Determiners, Prepositions


One paragraph from chapter/ poetry will be asked in exam. Followed by this will be short answer type questions (3 marks), Vocabulary (1 mark), comprehension related and interpretation.

From “First Flight & Footprints Without Feet”, 4 short answer type questions (8 marks) and 1 long answer type question (4 marks) will be asked

1 question of character sketch  in 100-120 words (10 marks)

The Books which should be referred for CBSE Exam are-

“First Flight” – Textbook for Class X

“Footprints Without Feet” – Supplementary Reader for Class X

Novel (any one) from Diary of a Young Girl – 1947 By Anne Frank (unabridged edition), The Story of My Life – 1903 By Helen Keller (unabridged edition)

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