CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Syllabus + Course Structure

CBSE Class 10th English Communication Syllabus & Exam Pattern is being mentioned below. The candidates can check the syllabus for the subject and prepare accordingly for the exam. The books recommended for the preparation of English language are-

Main Course Book (Revised Edition), Workbook (Revised Edition), Literature Reader (Revised Edition), NOVEL (Diary of a Young Girl – 1947 By Anne Frank (unabridged edition) OR The Story of My Life – 1903 By Helen Keller (unabridged edition))

Exam Pattern: The name of section along with marks allotted are-

Reading- 20

Writing skills and grammar- 25

Literature Textbook and Long Reading Test 25

Assessment of Speaking and Listening- 20

Syllabus for All Sections:

Reading Section-

There will be 2 comprehension passages in exam based on which the questions will be asked in exam. From 1st passage, 8 very short questions will be asked in exam (8 marks). Second passage will be followed by 4 short answer type questions and vocabulary related (12 marks)

Writing & Grammar Section-

Letter Writing (specifically to the Editor) / Article writing (5 marks)

Story writing in 150-200 words (10 marks)

Grammar topics- Tenses, Modals, Use of passive voice, Subject – verb concord, Statements, Different types of clauses, Determiners, Prepositions. Different types of questions will be asked in exam to test the knowledge of grammar topics.

Literature Textbook & Long Reading Text Section-

3 short answer questions of 3 marks will be asked from textbook including 1 mark for vocabulary & 1 mark for comprehension.

4 short answer questions from the Literature Reader of 8 marks

1 long answer question

Article writing of 4 marks based on creativity

1 long question in which 150-200 words have to be written of 10 marks

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